Instead of a workday on Saturday morning, we’ll be conducting a survey of trailhead/trail users at Brockdale on Saturday and Sunday. We’re doing this to get an idea of how many trail users there are, where they are coming from, and how they heard about us. We need TTPA volunteers to staff the survey station at Brockdale and conduct the survey as folks drive into the trailhead. We’ll have 3 shifts on Sunday, 9am-noon, noon-3pm, and 3pm-6pm and need volunteers for all three shifts. We already have volunteers for the Saturday shifts.

The survey will be short, should be just a quick 2 or 3 minutes to interview each driver for the information we’ll need. At the end of the survey, we’ll hand them a TTPA brochure and use the opportunity to promote membership in TTPA.

Please contact Duke Monson at 214-422-2929 if you can volunteer for one of the shifts. Leave a message with a call back # if he doesn’t answer immediately.

When – Sunday, April 10, 2016 – one of three shifts
Where – Brockdale Park Trailhead
What to bring – water, snacks, something to read or entertain yourself while waiting for arrivals.

And it’s all completed, as of Nov 18, 2016. Enjoy!

New Pipeline Project on Sycamore Loop

North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has started a new pipeline renovation project along their easement road where our Sycamore Loop branches. Normally, when going north on the trail from Highland Park, the trail forks where it crosses the NTMWD easement road. You can go straight across the road and continue on the west side of the Sycamore Loop, or you can travel east on the road until you reach the entrance to the east side of the Sycamore Loop. For the past many months, we’ve had the west side of the Loop blocked off while a pipeline renovation project was underway. That project has ended and the west side of the loop is now open. However, a new pipeline renovation project has just started and we’ll need to detour around it when the construction activity is present during the next several months.

The following picture shows the trail (in yellow) north from Highland Park, and where the trail forks to make the Sycamore Loop. The light blue box shows the area detailed in the second picture. Click once on the picture for a larger image. Click again to remove the larger image.
Highland Park north trail v2

The following picture shows in more detail where the construction will take place and the detour options that will be used. Click once on the picture for a larger image. Click again to remove the larger image.
NTMWD pipeline site v2

There may be several days when the bypass black pipes are being laid across the west and east side entrances (the pipe will be buried directly in front of the two entrances). During those several days, the entire Sycamore Loop will be closed and there will be no access to the Giant Sycamore. We will announce these dates on the TTPA website main page, so please check it before you head out.

During the construction work, which may take two or more months, there will likely be construction activity and large vehicles moving up and down the easement road on weekdays and Saturdays. Please be aware and proceed with caution. DO NOT use the roadway, but stay behind the CAUTION tape and on the shoulder and only cross the roadway directly at the two trail entrances.

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