Camping With Horses at Lavon Lake

East Fork Campground – This new equestrian campground on Lavon Lake is just northheast of the East Fork Trailhead. It has 11 pull-through camp sites with 30 and 50 amp electric service and water hookup. There are two horse pens provided for each campsite. Campsites 8 and 9 are located right next to the bathroom/shower house. Camp site 1 and 2 have the best view of Lavon Lake.

When cleaning your horse pen, place manure behind campsite #1, down the slope.

Directions to East Fork Campground
East Fork Campground is in Collin County on Lavon Lake.

From Farmersville on Hwy 78
Drive South and turn Right on to Skyview Dr.
Follow Skyview Dr. and you will come to a T in the road.
Turn Left, (still on Skyvew Dr) go about a half a mile and look for Forrest Ross Rd and the main entrance to East Fork Park.
Turn Right into the park.
Go to the guard shack.
Drive through the tent camping area to get to the Equestrian Campground on the left.

From Wylie going North on Hwy 78
Turn Left on Skyview Dr. and follow directions above.

Reserving a Campsite

Start your reservation by going to Once the Reservation web site comes up there will be a number of drop down boxes.

  1. In the “Looking For” drop down, select Horse Sites
  2. In the “State” drop down, select Texas
  3. In the “Near” drop down, select Dallas
  4. In the “Park or Facility Name” box, enter East Fork
  5. Click on the Search Facilities Button and another window is displayed.
    On this window click on East Fork (TX)

This will produce another page that has the 11 camp sites. Anytime during the navigation, the exact dates may be selected.

The cost per night is listed on the site.

NOTE: If you want to stay for only one night, the web site will not take reservations. The camp sites are first come first serve.

From Camp Site to Trail Head

To get to the trail follow the fence line going South to the East Fork Trail Head.

East Fork Park Equestrian Rules

  1. Negative Coggins must be available and presented upon inspection.
  2. Collin County has a leash law. Your dog will be on a 6 ft. or less leash. Dogs on the trail must be on a leash.
  3. City of Wylie Ordinance prohibits alcohol in the East Fork Park and on the Equestrian trail.
  4. One horse trailer, one tent, 3 vehicles and 8 persons are allowed per site. NO RV is allowed unless it is hauling the trailer or it is an RV/Horse Trailer Combo.
  5. 1 horse per stall/pen or two horses per site. No overnight tie outs or personal pens are allowed.
  6. No horses in the campground beyond the equestrian camping area. Ride only on the Equestrian Trail.
  7. Equestrian Campers are responsible for cleaning their site and stall area. Remove all trash to the dumpsters. DO NOT deposit manure, bedding or feed in the dumpsters. All animal waste, bedding and feed must be transported to the declined area south of site 1 and 2.
  8. Quiet hours 10 pm – 6 am. Non-Campers must leave by 10 pm.
  9. Rules for campfires are governed by the Collin County Fire Marshall. Call 972-548-4799 and/or check with the Gate Attendant on Duty.
  10. Day riders must park at the East Fork Trail Head. Meet your friends at the trail head.
  11. In case of an emergency after hours call 911 or seek help at the Gate Attendant on Duty. During business hours 972-442-3141.
  12. Do not move stalls/pens to other campsites.

All violations are citable by the Corps of Engineers and/or Wylie Police Department.

Gallery Snippets
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