The rain forecast calls for day long rain, so it’ll be too muddy to enjoy hiking the trail. We’ll look at rescheduling this in drier weather.

TTPA and Lucas will be sponsoring a hiking event for Lucas residents. We’ll go north from Brockdale Trailhead as far as the underpass on E. Lucas Rd. See our Trail Map page on our website for a map of the area we’ll be hiking.

When – 9am, Saturday, April 20, 2024
Where – Brockdale Park Trailhead
What to bring – appropriate footware for hiking on a natural earth trailbed (it may be muddy), bug spray, water.

We’ll try this again, heading south from Brockdale to find new re-route paths. We’ll be diving into the woods, off the beaten path, to find our new routes.

When – 9am, Saturday, April 6, 2024
Where – Brockdale Park trailhead
What to bring – mud boots (it will likely be damp), long pants and sleeves, loppers, water

Gallery Snippets
Heading out Heading out Tracy Matern on the trail Quiet sleeping horses - Gypsy and Chester are happy to snooze while Steve and Debbie visit Charlie Gaines on Spirit Watering horses after a ride