25 years ago, in 1988, Trinity Trail was opened to the public for the first time. At that time, the trail ran from the East Fork trailhead in Wylie to the Brockdale Park trailhead in Lucas. It wasn’t an easy process to gain the necessary permissions, easements, agreements, and physically clear the trail, but those early Trinity Trail pioneers got it done. This Anniversary party is our attempt to recognize those Pioneers of Trinity Trail and acknowledge their efforts on our behalf. A lot has happened since 1988 (TTPA was formed, the trail has been extended to 25+ miles, and a new trailhead has been opened, amongst other accomplishments), but this isn’t a celebration of what has happened since 1988, but what happened before then. Without the efforts of those Pioneers, we wouldn’t be where we are today with the Trail.

Who are those Pioneers? Please join us and meet them and applaud them.

The party will be held at the Surrey House and Gardens in McKinney, on March 1, 2013, starting at 630pm with a buffet dinner, followed by speeches and the awards to those Pioneers. Please vist the RSVP page (25th Anniversary RSVP) to let us know you are coming.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we are planning a ride!

DATE: Saturday, February 16, 2013
TIME: Ride out at 2pm
LOCATION: Highland Park Trailhead

It’s time to bring your significant other along on a trail ride! We’ll have a pot-luck afterwards in the pavilion, so bring enough for an extra mouth or two!

Remember to bring your current Coggins test results for each horse, a chair to sit on, and dress warmly, because it’s usually chilly in the evening in February!

One more time to try and work on the trail north of Highland Park (weather permitting)

When: Saturday, February 9
Time: 9 am
Where: Highland Park Trailhead

We will meet at 9am at Highland Park and head north to clear overhanging branches on the trail, prior to the NTMWD plant.

We’ll need chainsaws, loppers, and trash bags. See you there!

Gallery Snippets
Dutch Oven Food line Jack Gilstrap brushing his horse Shelly Taking a break at Collin Park Out on the trail Tom Pollard relaxing after the ride