Slight change of plans. We’ll meet at Collin Park and go north.

When – 8am, Saturday June 10, 2023
Where – Collin Park (meet inside the gate by the maintenance shop)
What to bring – gloves, loppers, water, bug spray

One, I guess I forgot to post this.

Two, I’m tired of trying to outguess the weather.

Canceled – stay tuned

The weather did not cooperate. Canceled.

We’ll clean up fallen trees and inspect the trail.

When – 9am, Saturday, April 29, 2023
Where – East Fork trailhead
What to bring – gloves, loppers, long-sleeves, water, and bug spray

Just a little too much rain this week and the woods haven’t had a chance to dry out. We’ll reschedule for the end of March.

We’ll meet at Highland Park and go north to the Sycamore to inspect and clear the trail.

NOTE – The weather mid-week looks rainy, so we may cancel at the last minute depending on the trailbed condition (don’t want the Gator stuck in mud). So check the website an FB on Friday night for the status of the workday.

When – 9am, Saturday, March 11, 2023
Where – Highland Park trailhead
What to bring – gloves, water, energy!

Too much rain. See you next month.

We’ll go north from East Fork to trim back the branches.

When – 9am, Saturday, Nov 12, 2022
Where – East Fork trailhead
What to bring – water, gloves, loppers, and energy!

We’ll go north from Highland Park to trim back the forest!

When – 9am, Saturday, Oct 22, 2022
Where – Highland Park trailhead
What to bring – loppers, long sleeves, gloves, water

We’ll meet at Natha Ct and continue working on the trail south of White Rock Creek.

When – 9am, Saturday, September 10, 2022
Where – Natha Ct (off Snider Lane)
What to bring – gloves, loppers, water

We’ll head south from Natha Ct and trim back the overgrown branches.

When – 7am (yes, really early!), Saturday Aug 13, 2022
Where – Natha Ct (on Snider Lane, just west of the White Rock Creek low bridge)
What to bring – water, loppers, gloves, long sleeves.

I know we’re all looking forward to another day on the trail, but the heat this weekend is going to be ferocious, so I’m going to pass.

No workday, we’ll wait for cooler weather in August!

We’ll work on HP South, but starting at the Snider Lane gate near the White Rock Creek crossing.

When – 8am, Saturday, June 11, 2022
Where – We’ll park at Natha Ct, Lucas
What to bring – gloves, long sleeves, loppers, water (and bug spray)

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