18 June 2011 – Workday at Highland Park

Join TTPA members at Highland Park Trail head at 9 AM on Saturday 18 June.

We need weed eaters, tractor with mower, riding mower and clippers. We need to reclaim the trail after all the rain.

Also bring gloves, bug repellent and plenty of water to drink.

Contact Charile Gaines at 972-824-3369 for details.

TTPA Trail Ride, Dinner, Raptor Event and Pavilion Opening – 11 June 2011

June 11 is a busy day for TTPA members. We will host a dinner, an evening Trail Ride (or hike), celebrate the opening of the new Pavilion, and have a presentation by the Raptor Center. This should be a fun event.

The exact times will be announced later, but for now mark your calendars and plan to spend the evening of 11 June at Brockdale Park Trail head.

May Trail Ride Canceled

Due to the recent outbreak of the EHV-1 virus in western States, the TTPA is canceling the May Trail Ride that was scheduled for Saturday 21 May.

The consensus of the TTPA Board is to err on the side of caution and cancel the ride scheduled for Saturday due to weather and statements issued by Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC).

Here is the latest statement from TAHC that is posted on their web site. http://tahc.state.tx.us/

Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) officials are continuing to trace exposed horses that attended the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Western National Championships event that ended on May 8 in Ogden, Utah. There are currently 26 known horses in Texas that attended the event. Those 26 horses and a total of 323 more cohorts (stablemates) of the 26 are currently being held under movement restrictions across the state.

Texas has currently only detected one confirmed case. That horse sought treatment at a veterinary clinic in far West Texas and has subsequently returned to New Mexico where it originated. A second horse located in Jack County has been classified as “suspect” and is pending further diagnostic testing. The TAHC is following the U.S.D.A. guidelines for clinical and suspect cases which have very specific criteria to meet the case definition, and for now suspect and confirmed cases will be the two types of cases reported.

The epidemiological investigation of all 300+ plus horses that reportedly attended the event continues nationwide, and the number of Texas horses identified as exposed may increase in the following days. Although mandatory cancellation of future events is not anticipated, the TAHC suggests that horse owners consider the risk of participating in upcoming events scheduled for this weekend and/or co-mingling their horses with other horses and equipment (trailers) of unknown history. Because the incubation period is usually about 4-6 days or less, even a one week voluntary stop movement may be enough to nip the cycle of transmission between horses before it grows in scope.

Horse owners should contact event organizers in advance to ensure that scheduled events have not been canceled. Some other states have established emergency rules for entry as a result of this situation, so if interstate travel is planned, owners and/or veterinarians writing health certificates should check in advance to ensure they meet all entry requirements. Finally, it is recommended that all newly purchased horses or introduced horses to a premise should be isolated to help prevent the accidental introduction of EHV-1 (and other diseases) onto the premise.

While no local horses have been identified as sick or exposed to the virus, the TTPA Board feels it is prudent to be safe and keep horses at home for the next two weeks until the situation is under control.

As a second precaution we will be dumping the communal water troughs at trail heads until the crisis passes. This is a temporary measure for the next two weeks only.

Hope to see you all next month.

Notice: East Fork Park Closed for Sewer Upgrade – Trail Head Remains Open

East Fork Park, including the horse camping area, is currently closed. The East Fork Trail Head southwest of the main park remains open.

The City of Wylie is working to upgrade the sewer facilities at East Fork, tying the main restroom facilities directly into the Wylie sewer system. No firm dates are available on the duration, but the work is expected to take about two weeks, which would be until around the end of May 2011. You can check on status by calling the office during regular business hours: 972-442-3141.

If you are looking for horse-camping alternatives, there is nothing particularly close. Two options are:

Platter Flats, OK on Lake Texoma. Note that a current Health Certificate is required when crossing state lines.

Lake Ray Roberts State Park Isle du Bois Unit near Pilot Point, TX offers primitive camp sites for campers with horses.

Beware of the new water line trench at Highland Park Trail Head

TTPA recently put in an additional water line at the Highland Park Trail Head. The line runs from the water trough to the new water spigot. There is dirt covering the trench for the water line, but after rain the trench becomes very soft and horses can sink down several inches if they step where the trench is located.

To see the trench, cross the white gate like you were going on the trail, and then look down. You will see deep horse tracks in the ground where horses have stepped in the trench.

Until we can bring out additional fill, please use caution.

Update: Jack Gilstrap has fixed the trench problem! Thank you Jack for your prompt attention to this issue.

TTPA Needs You!

That’s right. According to our charter, TTPA has to do regular maintenance on Trinity Trail. With all the recent rain and winds the trails need work.

Date: 14 May 2011
Location: Brockdale Park Trail Head, Lucas, TX
Time: 9AM.

We will install a new Kiosk built by Richard Burgess,
We also need to weed and mow.

Please bring weed eaters and ride on mowers if you can. Also bring gloves and water to drink.

Contact Charlie Gaines at 972-824-3369 for details.

Come help out and meet fellow riders. Its fun and only takes a little time, but can make a huge difference.

Want more reasons to participate? Check out the TTPA blog post on Five Reasons to Participate in a TTPA Work Day!

TTPA Trail riders

TTPA Trail riders

May 2011 Trail RideCANCELED

Join friends and fellow horse riders for a simple gathering and trail ride on 21 May 2011.

Arrive at Trail Head: 9:00 AM
Ride out: 9:30 AM

Location: Brockdale Trail Head, Lucas, TX

This is an informal ride with no organized lunch. Bring a sack lunch, chairs, and water to drink.

Don’t forget your coggins!

Gallery Snippets
Mike and Chris Cooling off in the shade Shelly Riding on Trinity Trail Taking a break at Collin Park afterride