2019 TTPA Board Members

President Duke Monson Email
Vice President Tim Baney Email
Treasurer Kendra Lara Email
Secretary Sharon Berryman Email
Events Chair Erin Sisson Email
Trailride Chair Paula Reber Email
Membership Christel Parish Email
Newsletter Kathy Erickson Email
Grant Coordinator Brenda Rizos Email
Trail Steward Steve Gander Email
Public Relations Chris Churchill Email
Past President Tracy Matern Email
Chuckwagon Chair Tim Baney Email
Web Master Mike Churchill Email


Coggins Committee
Tracy Matern, Beth Mydill, Betty Hall, Kellie Smith, Brenda Rizos, Noel Freeman, and Keeley Helton

Events Committee
Keeley Helton

Chuckwagon Committee
Christina Snow, Amin and Karen Bata, Steve and Debbie Bourgeois, June Boyd, Karen Newton, Lynda Parker, Royce Schafer, Kurt and Shelley Van Doren, Marty and Sharon Berryman, Debi Zinser, and Jane Becker

Trail Committee
Starting this year, we have three sections of trail,each with an Assistant Trail Steward.

Jean Schooping – North of Highland Park
Carol Winston – Brockdale Park to Highland Park
Trey and Terry Henry – East Fork Park to Brockdale Park

Trail Head Captains and Committees:
Highland Park

– Tracy Matern (Captain), Tom and Pat Pollard, Brenda Rizos, Connie Cropp, and Noel Freeman;

Brockdale Park – Debbie Bourgeois (Captain), Lucy Estabrook, Charle Whitted, and Sally Ballis;
East Fork Park – Jill Korbelic (Captain), Amy Dickerson, Sharon Berryman, and Susan Mendoza.

Insurance Specialist – Lucy Estabrook

Gallery Snippets
Charlie visiting with friends Dutch Oven Food line Lunch time TTPATrailer Charlie Gaines on Spirit Riders enjoying the trail