2020 TTPA Trekkers – Riding and Hiking Incentive Program Rules

  1. Must be a TTPA member in good standing (paid up on dues)
  2. All miles must be accrued on Trinity Trail by Lake Lavon.
  3. Miles can be accrued by riding or hiking (or a combination).
  4. Miles are accrued per person (not per horse). This allows riders of multiple horses to accrue miles and get credit. Rider does not have to own the horse.
  5. Miles reported are on the honor system.
  6. End-of-the-year winners will be awarded.
  7. Mileage spreadsheets for tracking progress are available on the website or you can use a phone app.
  8. The year cycle runs from January through December of each year.
  9. Year-end awards will be presented at the TTPA Annual Party in January for various achievement levels based on age and miles accrued.

You can download a mileage chart or spreadsheet (Excel Format) to fill out and email in to miles@trinitytrailriders.org

You can also use a phone app to track miles and then just report total miles at the end of the year. This is on an honor system with the intention of recognizing people participating and enjoying the trail.

Gallery Snippets
Heading out Heading out Tracy Matern on the trail Quiet sleeping horses - Gypsy and Chester are happy to snooze while Steve and Debbie visit Charlie Gaines on Spirit Watering horses after a ride