We’ll meet at Highland Park and go north to finish up the trimming and set direction stakes. Watch for a last minute cancellation, if the rain on Thurs/Fri is too heavy.

When – 9am, Saturday, Jan 6, 2024
Where – Highland Park trailhead
What to bring – loppers, water, gloves and long sleeves

Once again, we’ll meet at Highland Park and head north, working on clearing the Sycamore Loop.

When – 9am, Saturday, Dec 9, 2023
Where – Highland Park
What to bring – water, loppers, gloves, long sleeves

We’ll meet at Highland Park and trim back the trails

When – 9am, Saturday Nov 18, 2023
Where – Highland Park Trailhead
What to bring – loppers, gloves, long sleeves, water

We’ll trim the trail between White Rock Creek and Lucas Rd.

When – 9am, Saturday Oct 7, 2023
Where – Natha Ct (off Snider Lane)
What to bring – long sleeves, gloves, loppers, water

We’ll trim Brockdale trailhead, and the trail going north.

When – 9am, Saturday Sept 16, 2023
Where – Brockdale trailhead
What to bring – water, loppers, gloves

Weather looks stormy overnight Friday into Saturday. Will postpone the workday until next Saturday.

It’s too darn hot! I’ll send out a notice when things get cooler (95-ish?)

It’s going to be way hot, plus the Gator is acting wonky and I don’t know that it will be ready by Saturday.

Slight change of plans. We’ll meet at Collin Park and go north.

When – 8am, Saturday June 10, 2023
Where – Collin Park (meet inside the gate by the maintenance shop)
What to bring – gloves, loppers, water, bug spray

One, I guess I forgot to post this.

Two, I’m tired of trying to outguess the weather.

Canceled – stay tuned

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