Join us for the annual Chili ride and membership renewal drive. Lunch will be served at noon, so show up before if you want to ride/hike earlier, or you can ride/hike out after lunch.

When – Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022
Where – Highland Park trailhead
What to bring – chair to sit in, Coggins for your horse if you bring one.

With Covid-19 cases rising, we’ll cancel this month’s ride. With the heat, the trail is drying out faster than we could have hoped after all the rain in the past two weeks, so get out and enjoy the trail (we suggest doing that early in the morning) and practice your social distancing on the trail.

We’ll cancel this month’s ride due to the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions. But do get out on your own and enjoy the trail!

As you might expect given current virus events and an overfull lake, we’re cancelling this weekends Ride.

Stay safe and healthy, practice that social distancing and we’ll see you soon when things return to ‘normal’.

There is too much rain in the forecast Saturday morning, so we’re cancelling the planned ride. However, if we don’t get too many inches of rain, the trail should be useable within a day or two afterwards, so enjoy!!

Cancelled. Too much rain this past 24hrs. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the trails when they dry out!!!

Crossing the fingers didn’t work, just too much rain and not enough time and warm temps to dry out.

Fingers crossed! If the weather holds, we’ll ride north from Highland Park and visit the Sycamore as the foliage begins to turn.

When – 10am, Saturday Oct 26, 2019
Where – Highland Park trailhead
What to bring – water, sack lunch, a horse! (with Coggins)

The weather is still not cooperating with our Chili Ride plans, so we are cancelling this weekend and will reschedule in April.

When – 11am, Saturday, March 30, 2019

Where – Brockdale Park trailhead

What to bring – chair to sit on, appetite for chili, Dutch Oven cornbread and desserts.

The water and mud are still keeping the trail closed. Stay tuned, hopefully we’ll reopen Brockdale South in another week or so.

Lake is too high and the mud is too low. Stay tuned!

Gallery Snippets
Heading out Heading out Tracy Matern on the trail Quiet sleeping horses - Gypsy and Chester are happy to snooze while Steve and Debbie visit Charlie Gaines on Spirit Watering horses after a ride