Highland Park Trail Head

Highland Park Trail head

Entrance to Highland Park Trail Head

The Highland Park Trail Head is the northernmost trail head on the 25.5 mile long Trinity Trail.

The trail head features a large parking lot, bathroom, water, covered picnic table and white pipe perimeter fence.

About the Trail from Highland Park: Riders have the choice riding on trails in two directions from the Highland Park Trail head. The north trail is primarily in the woods. The south trail winds through a combination of woods and open country.

North Trail: If riders select the north trail, they ride toward the Sycamore Loop which has been described by many as one of the most beautiful sections of the trail.

Watering horses at Highland Park Trail Head

Watering horses at Highland Park Trail Head

This wooded path through the forest winds along Wilson Creek and passes by a number of large sycamore trees including the official largest Sycamore Tree in north Texas. The tree has been estimated to be over 200 years old.

For information about the tree, see our article and video on the Giant Sycamore tree

Near the location of the Giant Sycamore there are hitching posts (donated by TTPA member Frank Hall) and a picnic area that is a popular gathering area for riders. Please use the hitching posts and do not tie horses to trees.

This section of the trail has more wildlife than other sections including feral hogs, some deer, coyotes, rabbits, armadillos and other creatures native to Texas. There have even been occasional sightings of mountain lion in the area so always stay alert on this section of the trail.

South Trail: The trail south from the Highland Park Trail Head is a pleasant ride through the native Texan countryside. A short distance after leaving the trailhead, the trail crosses Snider Lane and traverses the Lakeview Downs neighborhood, using residential streets and easements between homes, before re-entering Corps land. The trail passes through several wooded areas and open fields that are popular canter spots. The trail leads eventually to the Brockdale Trail Head.

Midway along the trail is a popular watering and gathering spot that offers hitching posts, picnic tables and easy access to the White Rock Creek for watering horses. The trail does cross White Rock Creek at this picnic spot, water is normally about 6 inches deep or less at the crossing.

Here’s a Google map to help you find the trail heads.

View Trinity Trail – 3 Trailheads in Wylie & Lucas TX on Lake Lavon in a larger map

Want a bigger map? View the trail heads on this Google Map of Trinity Trail by zooming in on the horse icons located on the right center part of the map. Eventually we will have the trail itself entered on the map. We are in the process of acquiring GPS coordinates of the trail and hope to have the trail addition soon.

Driving Directions: To get to Highland Park Trail Head from US 75:
From Hwy. 75, exit Bethany Rd. (East) for approx 6 miles to FM 1378.
Go on FM 1378 to Stop Light and turn Left on FM 3286 at the Lucas Food Store.
Drive 2.4 miles go over the first Lavon Lake bridge
Turn Left on Snider Ln. which is before the second bridge.
Drive and look for the white pipe fence on your Right.
This is the Highland Park Trail Head.
Riding Distances 4 Miles North from trail head to and 1/2 way around Sycamore Loop
8 Miles North to Sycamore and back to trail head
2.5 Miles South from trail head to White Rock Creek low-water crossing and picnic table
4.5 Miles South from trail head to East Lucas Road
7.5 Miles South from trail head to Brockdale Park Trail Head
12.5 Miles South from trail head to Marina
16.5 Miles South from trail head to East Fork Trailhead
Features of Ride Headed North: Meadows, forest, and Sycamore grove with Giant Sycamore
Headed South: Meadows, forest, White Rock Creek
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