As much as I love hiking in mud, this weather is ridiculous. We’ll reschedule this at a later (drier) date.

We’ll meet at the East Winningkoff trailheand and head north to explore the beginnnings of the Sycamore Loop. You’ll be able to turn around at any time. Weather events may occur, so monitor our website and/or Facebook page for a cancellation.

When – 8am, Saturday, June 1, 2024 (beat the heat and start at 8am)
Where – E. Winningkoff Trailhead on E. Winningkoff, under the water tower
What to bring – bug spray, sun block, water!! Comfortable walking shoes (there may be mud)

We’ll be looking for re-route options south of Brockdale. We’ll meet at Brockdale Trailhead, and then caravan into Inspiration, park there and get on the trail to do our search.

When – 9am, Saturday, May 11, 2024
Where – Meet at Brockdale Trailhead
What to bring – mud boots, loppers, bug spray.

There’s just too much rain in the forecast (past and present). The trail hasn’t had a chance to dry out and it will stll be too muddy to enjoy hiking the trail. We’ll look at rescheduling this in drier weather.

TTPA and Lucas will be sponsoring a hiking event for Lucas residents. We’ll go north and south from the Highland Park Trailhead, north as far as the Highland Park boatramp, and south to the easement from Lakeview Downs back onto Corps land. See our Trail Map page on our website for a map of the area we’ll be hiking.

When – 9am, Saturday, May 4, 2024
Where – Highland Park Trailhead
What to bring – appropriate footware for hiking on a natural earth trailbed (it may be muddy), bug spray, water.

Gallery Snippets
Dutch Oven Food line Jack Gilstrap brushing his horse Shelly Taking a break at Collin Park Out on the trail Tom Pollard relaxing after the ride