Too much rain last night, too muddy to go out into the woods. Keep an eye out on our FB page or this website for the rescheduled date.

We’ll finally begin searching for new re-routes south of Brockdale.

When – 9am, Saturday, March 9, 2024
Where – Brockdale Park trailhead
What to bring – Long sleeves, long pants, gloves, water, and loppers (we’ll be off the trail in the woods, hacking our way through them to flag new routes).

We’ll meet at Highland Park and go north to finish up the trimming and set direction stakes. Watch for a last minute cancellation, if the rain on Thurs/Fri is too heavy.

When – 9am, Saturday, Jan 6, 2024
Where – Highland Park trailhead
What to bring – loppers, water, gloves and long sleeves

Once again, we’ll meet at Highland Park and head north, working on clearing the Sycamore Loop.

When – 9am, Saturday, Dec 9, 2023
Where – Highland Park
What to bring – water, loppers, gloves, long sleeves

We’ll meet at Highland Park and trim back the trails

When – 9am, Saturday Nov 18, 2023
Where – Highland Park Trailhead
What to bring – loppers, gloves, long sleeves, water

We’ll trim the trail between White Rock Creek and Lucas Rd.

When – 9am, Saturday Oct 7, 2023
Where – Natha Ct (off Snider Lane)
What to bring – long sleeves, gloves, loppers, water

We’ll trim Brockdale trailhead, and the trail going north.

When – 9am, Saturday Sept 16, 2023
Where – Brockdale trailhead
What to bring – water, loppers, gloves

Weather looks stormy overnight Friday into Saturday. Will postpone the workday until next Saturday.

It’s too darn hot! I’ll send out a notice when things get cooler (95-ish?)

It’s going to be way hot, plus the Gator is acting wonky and I don’t know that it will be ready by Saturday.

Slight change of plans. We’ll meet at Collin Park and go north.

When – 8am, Saturday June 10, 2023
Where – Collin Park (meet inside the gate by the maintenance shop)
What to bring – gloves, loppers, water, bug spray

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