Currently the Corp of Engineers is planning to conduct a controlled burn the week of January 10th – 14th. This will effect access to the Trinity Trail in that we will be closing the portion of the trail, north of the Brockdale Equestrian area for the safety of the public and users of the Trinity Trail. The trail will be closed only for the duration of the controlled burn, which is expected to last the majority of the day. We will have a firmer schedule as we get closer to the execution and we will pass on that information as it becomes available.

Update 1/20/2011: The burn was canceled due to heavy snow. The trail is open.

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Tom Eberhart, Mike Churchill, Joan Myrthue, and Berdine Eberhart Tracy Matern on the trail Enjoying lunch Riding on Trinity Trail Taking a break at Collin Park Tom Pollard relaxing after the ride