Brockdale Park Trail Head

Entrance to Brockdale Park Trail Head

Entrance to Brockdale Park Trail Head

The Brockdale Park Trail Head is centrally located along the 25.5 mile long Trinity Trail and is physically located near the end of Brockdale Park Road in Lucas, Texas.

The trail head has a lovely view of Lake Lavon and provides riders with a choice to ride either north or south from the trail head.

South Trail – Riding south takes you on a lovely 9 mile trail along the lake toward Wylie and the Eastfork Trail head. At about the midway point of the trail riders will encounter Collin Park. This is a frequent rest point for riders and there is a covered table for a picnic.

Watering hole along Lake Lavon

Riders Elizabeth and Ryan Lewis take a break at Horse Watering Hole along Trinity Trail

The trail south from Brockdale offers riders a variety of scenery. The trail winds along the lake and provides views of the lake.

At the 2 1/2 marker on the trail south from Brockdale there is a popular horsey oasis watering spot where horses can cool off with a drink from the lake. Riders must use caution to only enter the lake in sites marked as watering holes as some edges of the lake are very soft and horses could get stuck.

North Trail – Riding north from Brockdale trail head leads riders along a canopy path through the forest past the Black Prarie Raptor Center and toward the Highland Park trail head.

Horse Walkway under Lucas Rd Bridge

Charlie Gaines and friends ride on Horse Walkway under Lucas Rd Bridge

At about three miles into the north trail from Brockdale you will pass under the concrete walkway that was built for horses to pass under the Lake Lavon bridge on Lucas Road. The photo on the left shows the walkway under the bridge.

Where to find the start of trails: To pick up the trail to the North from Brockdale, exit the front gate of the trail head, cross the street and enter the woods via the white horse gate to the right. To pick up the trail to the south, go to the far south east corner of the perimeter fence and you will see a horse gate leading to the south trail.

About the trail head: The Brockdale Park trail head has a large open parking area with a drive thru loop so it is easy to pull large trailers into the trail head. This ease of parking has made the trail head very popular with riders. Brockdale Park, along with the trail heads at Highland Park and East Fork, are locations of most of the TTPA group activities. Currently there is only day riding at Brockdale Park. If you are interested in camping with your horses, the East Fork Trail head has an equestrian campground located at the nearby State Park (a five minute horse ride from the East Fork trail head).

Brockdale Park Trail head

Covered picnic tables at Brockdale Park Trail head

The trail head has a perimeter of pipe fence for safety.

Water, a round pen, covered picnic tables and a wonderful donated mounting block are some of the amenities at the trail head.

At the north end of the Brockdale parking area there is a grove of trees which catch cooling breezes from the lake and provide natural shade. Enjoy the area but please do not tie horses to the trees as horses chewing on the trees can injure the trees. We want to enjoy the trees for a long time so please help protect the grove.

The TTPA installed a bathroom and covered pavilion in the Summer of 2011.

Here’s a Google map to help you find the trail heads.

View Trinity Trail – 3 Trailheads in Wylie & Lucas TX on Lake Lavon in a larger map

Want a bigger map? View the trail heads on this Google Map of Trinity Trail by zooming in on the horse icons located on the right center part of the map. Eventually we will have the trail itself entered on the map. We are in the process of acquiring GPS coordinates of the trail and hope to have the trail addition soon.

Driving Directions to Brockdale Park Trail head: To get to Brockdale Park Trail Head from US 75:
Exit on Bethany Drive in Allen and go east.
Take Bethany Drive through Allen into Lucas (about 5 miles).
Continue straight through on Bethany Road, the road changes its name to East Lucas Road and intersects with FM 1378.
Go through the traffic light straight on Lucas Road.
In about ½ mile, when the road makes a sharp curve, you will see the Lucas Food Mart and Fina station on your left and a traffic light.
Turn left here at stop light on FM 3286 (aka W. Lucas Road) .
Go less than a mile to Brockdale Park Road. It turns off to the right.
(If you get to the bridge over Lake Lavon you have gone too far.)
Follow Brockdale Park Road around to the trail head.
You will drive through three 90-degree turns. The trail head is immediately past the 3rd 90-degree turn on the right and is bordered by white pipe fence.
If you get to the boat ramp you have gone too far.
Riding Distances Approximately 3 Miles North from trail head to East Lucas Road
7.5 Miles North from trail head to Highland Park
10.5 Miles North from trail head to start of Sycamore Loop
5 Miles South from trail head to Marina
9 Miles South from trail head to East Fork Trail Head
Features of Ride Trails in two directions, trails through varying terrain. North trail is mostly wooded, South trail is a combination of open areas, lake views, and some woods.
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